Kikuhama Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Founded in Sept. 12 , 1953
Aimed at
  1. General chemical equipment design and construction
  2. all other related business operations
Capital ten million (10,000,000) yen
Located at 1904 Mitajiri-Mura, Oaza, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 747-0000
TEL (0835)22-4530
FAX (0835)22-4533


Kyowa Hakko Co.,Ltd.
Bridgestone Corporation
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Kyowa Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation

Group Companies

Kikuhama Co.,Ltd.
■Kikuhama Co.,Ltd. Head offices
7-53 Shinden 2- chome, Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 746-0043
TEL (0834)62-3550 FAX (0834)62-3659
■Hiroshima Branch
1224-1 Kuchi, Oaza, Asa-machi, Asa-kitaku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 731-3362
TEL (082)837-2788 FAX (082)837-2790
■Kyushu Branch
2252-1 Aoyagi, Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 811-3134
TEL (092)942-1221 FAX (092)942-1225

Types of Business and Manufacturing Licenses (granted to us)

Business License Contents of Business Acquisition Date
General construction industry
Yamaguchi Prefectural Governor
Steel structure construction business, Scaffolding, Earthwork and Plumbing
Machine and Equipment Installation
Mar. 1976
Yamaguchi Labor Standards Bureau License No.33 Flue and smoke tube boilers July 1966
Yamaguchi Labor Standards Bureau License No.35 First class pressure vessels Nov. 1966
Yamaguchi Labor Standards Bureau License No.64 First class pressure vessels with jacket Mar. 1969
Yamaguchi Labor Standards Bureau License No.85 Welded hot-water boilers Feb. 1971
Yamaguchi Labor Standards Bureau License No.86 Cylindrical (spherical) first-class pressure vessels Apr. 1971
MITI License No.1 of 1985 License for high-pressure gas specified facilities welding construction Mar. 1969